Things that help you save money

save money
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“Money it’s a crime
Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
Money so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re
giving none away”

~Pink Floyd~

In case you’re not Bill Gates or something, you’ve felt at some moment in your life that you would have been better if you had some extra cash. The thing is that problem is always hard to solve, but there are still some things you can do which can save you money without causing you any trouble; in fact, as you will see, some of these tricks are even helpful aside from the fact that they save you money!

The thing you can do which could save you the most money (but it’s pretty damn hard to achieve) is quitting some vices. If you’re a smoker, just make the math and find out how much you spend on cigarettes a week; that would be the first step, and of course you know the other health benefits which come from quitting smoking. But that can be quite a drag, so if you’re not down with quitting smoking, stay calm. There are still so many things you can do. Another easy and healthy thing you can do which saves you money is bagging your lunch and bringing it to work; instead of going to a fast food or restaurant, make your own sandwhich. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, and it saves you money, and it’s healthier.

Another thing which has been talked about a whole lot is turning off the appliances you are not using. Saving energy and water is really easy. This does not only save you money, but also helps the environment and it’s basically just a click away. Also, try not to drive when you don’t necessarily need it; this is also good for the environment and you can drink as many beers as you want (or can).

Other things you can do include putting your spare change in a jar instead of losing it behind the couch or somewhere, buy only things you know you’re gonna need, and if you’re buying things such as shampoo, soap, and that kind of stuff, buy more, because that also helps you save money. But I have to underline the fact that getting rid of cigarettes is definetly the best thing here, and if you can do that, you’ve shot a whole bunch of rabbits with one shot. So by doing those things, you can save up to 50-100$ a week, and even more in some cases! Not quite the biggest amount of cash in the world, 100$ is a 100$.

Escape from the daily routine; easy yet helpful tricks


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Most of us (if not all) have felt at some point that the routine of the daily life is suffocating and even further, we wanted to get away from it; and it’s not necessarily that what you do is boring, even a 
skydiver could feel caught up. But that’s not as easy as it seems, because vacation days are rare and it seems there never is enough time. But still, there are simple things you can do which can make all the difference in the world.

Learn new things. If you keep doing the same things it will be harder and harder to escape from the routine. Instead, try to learn something new everyday of your life; learn from everything, even the smallest of beings and remember that nature is an endless pool of knowledge. During the process of learning, try to apply some of the things you’ve learnt; and try to travel, visit new places, you definetly have some place you would want to visit, so go for it.

Of course, this would involve taking some chances. In fact, taking chances is the next important step in your victory over monotony in your life. Remember, the things which you don’t say are lost, so whenever you want to say something, say it. Hey, now if you want to swear a policeman or something, that wouldn’t be good. I’m talking about things such as telling a friend how much you appreciate him or her, asking that girl you can’t look enough at out, and that kind of things. You know better what you need to say, so quit sitting there, go out and do it!


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If things don’t go your way, just start from there. Don’t be upset because you made a mistake, learn from that and keep walking and don’t resign yourself with everything, believe in yourself and believe in the fact that you can do better. In fact, getting away from the daily routine means changing your life for the better, and if you truly believe that you can do that, you have already done half the job.

Simple rules for conversation


We talk about your work,
how your boss is such a jerk
We talk about your church
and your head when it hurts

~Toby Keith~

Sometimes we find ourselves in unpleasant situations because we’ve said something wrong or just in a wrong manner. Although the art of conversation looks quite simple, there are many rules to follow in order not to create a bad impression.

1. You shouldn’t be the only one to talk even if you are the greatest story-teller ever. Even if you’ve been to the North Pole and you’ve seen polar bears and whales that doesn’t mean that you should talk the entire evening. Avoid using “I” in everything you say because the others will think you are egocentric.

2. Avoid repeating the same idea even if it’s brilliant, don’t jump to a conclusion after every statement you hear from the others and don’t talk in general about people after just hearing one case. All these would only lead to one result:

-if you are the host, your guests will start finding excuses: they have children at home, a project to finish…

-if you are a guest the others will avoid you and you will find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

3. If you are not sure about the meaning of a word try not to use it just to impress. It’s not a shame to use a dictionary when necessary and this way you won’t make a fool out of yourself. Many times people discuss about personalities or about the international situation. If you don’t know how to pronounce a name you should ask because no one was born to know it all.

4. Even if you are right about something, not only once but a million times, let the other person finish and then tell your opinion about the subject. Express your opinions calmly and try not to be ironic and violent in order not to spoil everyone’s evening. Try to be respectful, especially in what involves the elderly. By being calm the others will be more interested in what you are saying.

5. When talking to someone try to look him or her in the eye so or else that person will think you are not sincere or that you are just not interested.

6. When supporting an idea try to use rational arguments; don’t approve an idea you are not sure of and don’t contradict everything just to be original. You won’t attract the others’ attention in a pleasant way.

If the “opponent” has had more arguments than you and proved to know more about the subject don’t leave looking offended or upset. Smile and put an end to the discussion in a polite way or even more let yourself convinced.

7. When meeting someone new, talk about yourself but seize the right moment to let the other person speak too. Don’t ask too personal questions especially questions that could affect the one you are talking to such as “So how come that you divorced after only a year?”

These are just a few rules but in fact there are many more to follow. What is the most important is to think about hoe the others feel and to respect them. And there is always something to learn in order to be successful, and this depends greatly on your ability to interact with other people; being able to carry a conversation is important for everybody.

Healthy alimentation – it’s really that difficult to follow a schedule?

One of Murphy’s laws says that anything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening. Doing what you enjoy most is often not so good for your health, physically or spiritually, so here are some simple rules to improve your life. I think that you have already realized that it’s not so simple to change your habits. After each disappointment you keep saying – I gonna change and that won’t happen again, but after a while your determination isn’t so strong.
Maybe it will sound like a cliché, but you have to change your life by doing very small steps. I’ll talk now about eating habits and I promise to continue this series about healthy habits.
Be very careful at what you’re eating. Sure that fast food is cheap and tasty, but you have to take into consideration its effects on your health. To continue with this idea, pay attention to sweets too. Drinking alcohol is fun, but be sure you know your limits and don’t make any abuses.
When thinking at meals, keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need energy for all your plans so have some cereals, milk and maybe some fruit. If you’re hungry between meals, you can have another fruit or some biscuits. Try not to eat so much in the evening – you’ll sleep better.
Then, it’s very important to have your meals at certain hours and to make a rule out of this. By doing that, you can organize your time better and follow a schedule that keeps you healthy.
In order to reduce drastically your visits to the hospital, consume every day 5-10 fruits or vegetables. Also don’t forget the milk and cereals, potatoes or bread for fibers and the meat for proteins. Once or twice a week have fish to keep your brain active.

Eating healthy

Now you know the basic rules for a good nutrition, but how can you start applying them? At first, try to arrange proper hours for meals – take into consideration what tasks you have to do during the day and of course, the hours when you’re hungry. Than think – what you like to eat and what you don’t. Could you replace some dishes with other ones which are healthier? Sure you can! If you want something sweet, you can have a peach or a banana. That doesn’t mean that you have to forget about chocolate, just consume it less often.
Don’t over react. The most important thing is to find your balance. Don’t impose it to yourself, just find it. You know you have it, it’s there, inside you.

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Get the party started!


We all like parties and maybe the most unforgettable moments are from a party. This is when we allow ourselves to act however we want to and to have the best time ever. A party can also improve one’s social life, but for that it has to be a great party.
It’s been said that the best parties aren’t the planned ones but still many details should be handled before the party so that everything will work perfectly…or at least very well.
Before starting it’s better to take a few friends with you so that everything will work faster. It is also better to put money together for the party because it’s quite hard to pay everything on your own. Assure that your friends will also help you with the cleaning later if necessary because you don’t want to find yourself alone and surrounded by a terrible mess.
Maybe the most important issue to solve is the location. Once you’ve found it, you can consider half of your problems solved. So it’s better to ask your friends about a solution if you can’t organize the party at your place. There should be enough room for all your guests and a large room where they could dance and for other activities. It doesn’t have to be a palace, it just has to offer you the facilities you need.
Then, it’s all about planning and making lists. Decide what to buy, what should everyone bring, and who is in charge of the sound system if necessary. Make the guests list so that you won’t have surprises. Try to avoid trouble-makers so that everyone will have a good time.
It is better to buy most of the things you need a day before the party. Use your list in order not to forget something because it can be quite frustrating to discover that at home. Shop from a supermarket. There are many more products to choose from and better prices. If you don’t have a car, ask a friend to help you. Buy some cleaning products too.
When you have everything you need it is time to arrange everything. Decorate and put the snacks and the drinks in a easy to reach place. Take away all the valuable and fragile things before the party because you can never know. Assure that the place is clean before the party so that the guests will have a good impression.
When the time has come for the guests to come assure that they feel welcome and try to be the best host they’ve seen. Be yourself, it is not necessary to exaggerate. After all, it’s just a party! Try to have more kinds of music so that everyone will be pleased If you have any unusual ideas about a party don’t be afraid to try them…as long as they are not out of normality… When everyone has arrived it’s up to you to have the best party ever!
You certainly don’t need more advice about what to do next…so have fun and remember that her will be a lot more to come!
These are just the basic things you need to know in order to organize a party. I will come back later with some ideas about the music an the games you might play. Until then, have fun!

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