Insomnia? just a bad dream!

I’m wide awake in my kitchen
It’s dark and I’m lonely
Oh, if I could only get some sleep
Creeky noises make my skin creep
I need to get some sleep
I can’t get no sleep….

Tired of staring at the ceiling for endless hours night after night? Frustrated because others can sleep without any problem? You’re definitely not alone as more and more people suffer from sleep disorders. Insomnia is caused most of the times by unhealthy habits which affect people’s ability to sleep. So this is why a few changes in your schedule should be enough to sleep again and to be more healthy and productive.
– Create a sleep schedule in order to wake up at about the same hour everyday. Waking up one day at 6 AM and the second day at 12 AM will do nothing but to affect you in a negative way. If your work schedule is flexible choose an hour to wake up and this will also allow you to do other things around the house or just to spend more time doing something pleasant.
Don’t stay in bed more than you used to before having insomnia! This way your body will not be tired and it will be more and more difficult to fall asleep. Choose an activity which is not too challenging instead such as walking, or going out with your friends.
Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Insomnia can prove to be the starting point towards reaching a healthy life style as it could determine you to give up these unhealthy habits. All these do nothing but to affect your body’s balance, thus leading to unpleasant results. Avoid green tea too, not to mention coffee, sodas and even chocolate in severe cases. If you can’t give up on them, then reduce the quantity you consume as much as possible.
– Try to start exercising as much as possible in the morning. Of course, you don’t have to exaggerate, but vigorous exercise can change your mood and help you sleep. It’s also very healthy and you could keep this habit even after insomnia has become just a bad dream. In the evenings try to relax your muscles progressively in order to sleep.
Sleeping during the day will affect your ability to sleep during the night so give up this habit. 8 hours of healthy sleep every night should be enough for an adult who performs regular activities. Then, don’t prepare to sleep until you feel that you are tired. If not, you will find yourself again in the situation spending another sleepless night!
– Avoid strong stimulation in the evenings in order to be able to sleep! Choose listening to radio or reading something simple and enjoyable instead of watching TV. This “avalanche” of sounds and images might be too strong so the other activities should be preferred.

Have a hot, 20 minute-bath every day before going to bed. This will raise your body temperature and will help you relax. Avoid eating too much before sleeping. It’s not healthy and it will make you feel stuffed even sick. Choose light foods instead. A warm glass of milk should help you sleep!
– Assure you have a comfortable room to sleep in. Even bad sleeping conditions can be a cause of insomnia. Open the windows as fresh air is vital for a good sleep and try not to think about your problems. There is enough time for everything!

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