Allow me!-giving first aid

“Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help.”

~The  Beatles~

News broadcasts are filled with information about people who collapse on the street and nobody helps them, which puts their life in jeopardy. It’s easy to blame everything on others’ indifference, but in reality many don’t actually know how to handle a difficult situation. This is why first aid rules should be common knowledge as they may easily save one’s life or improve that person’s condition. Most of them are quite logical, so they’re easy to keep in mind also replacing some wrong information about giving first aid.
Burns- The most important step in helping someone who was affected by fire, hot fluids or an explosion is to remove the source which caused the wound or in other cases, the wounded. Burns are known to cause excruciating pain and can easily lead to complications, so this is why it’s important to talk to the victim, telling him or her about what you are going to do next in order to reach that person’s cooperation. Once the wounded is in a safe spot, try to remove any clothing that’s not stuck to skin including watches, jewelry and any other accessories that might complicate the situation. Then, if possible, try to pour cold water ( 8-23 degrees C, 45-75 degrees F) on the affected area until the pain does not come back again. Try not to let the water affect any other areas and don’t continue the process until the person you try to help is cold as this may worsen his or her situation dramatically. This measure is effective in the first 15-20 minutes, so it’s important to know when the accident occurred. No matter what you do, don’t touch the blisters as this can easily lead to an infection. Do not put potatoes, butter, eggs or salt on the burn! When calling the ambulance provide information about what caused the wound, when the accident happened, the measures you have already taken and about how much the victim was affected. Specialized help will be absolutely necessary in these cases.

Fracture/sprain- These two can occur quite often, so first aid is very important as a fracture is an immense source of pain and can affect tissues, organs and lead to complications. Many people make errors while helping someone, which can cause more pain and can easily make the wound worse. The most important thing is not to move the affected limb in any way. Talk to the person you’re helping and remove any jewelry or clothing item that might harden the process. Prepare the necessary materials: a straight, rigid surface and a large bandage. While binding the affected limb try not o move it and to leave it in the position you found it. If no proper surface is around you, tie the affected arm or leg to the other healthy one or to the body. Take off any kind of clothing that might restrict blood circulation and immobilize both wrists next to the wound without tying the bandage too tight. Restrict the victim’s moves as much as possible! If a medical team can arrive at the place in short time resume just to taking measures to keep the limb unmoved especially as first aid is quite difficult to provide in these cases. If it was necessary to help the wounded person by yourself, check to see if what you did actually decreased his or her pain and if blood is circulating in the affected area. If necessary, you can receiver instructions by phone from specialized personnel.

Poisoning- If someone got poisoned by mistake the most important thing is not to panic. Call the ambulance and provide information about the patient’s age and weight, about how and when the incident occurred and whether the poisoned person breathes well or is no longer conscientious. Depending on what the poison was and on the quantity, you can try to eliminate it by drinking a lot of tea, water or juice or by taking special medicines you can ask for at any pharmacy in order to be prepared. Do not try to make the person be sick as the doctors will decide whether further measures should me taken. Don’t try to solve the problem with acids, shampoo or detergents! If someone got poisoned through his or her skin try to wash the place as well as possible after removing all items of clothing and if possible, use gloves!

Heart attack- in this case the mot important thing is to identify the disease and call an ambulance as soon as possible as a correct diagnosis can save lives. So, if someone feels a strong pain in their jaw, chest, arms or shoulders for more than 5 minutes, is sick, pale, feels a strong weakness and has trouble breathing, immediate action is necessary. Then, assure that the person does not make any effort until specialized help arrives.
Being informed may be the solution in many cases as just some simple measures can have great effects and improve the situation dramatically. So, it’s just a matter of caring after all!

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