Flowers – simple way to make your life more beautiful

So when I’m crying alone
Yeah, when I’m cold as a dying stone
Grow me a garden of roses
Paint me the colors of sky and rain

~Poets of the fall – Roses~

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Many of our male readers know that flowers are useful – best present someone could give ( flowers never get old fashion) and they are the best way to say you’re sorry. But what i’m going to sustain in this article is not the necessity nor the utility of flowers, but their beauty. Yes, things are evolving with an amazing speed, but that’s not an excuse to forget about us, beauty, living. How many times did you pass by a flower shop and you didn’t even get a glimpse?

Well, it’s time to change that. Look what I suggest you to do – next time you’ll see a flower shop, go inside. Allow yourself 10 minutes to admire all that beauty. Than make a decision – what is the flower you like best? If you’re tempted to buy an apartment plant, don’t forget that you have to have good care of it. You have to provide it a special temperature and to drench it regularly – are you sure you want this responsibility? Think at the size of the plants – do you have enough space to keep them? They need a different amount of light to. The space problem applies to flowers that must be kept in vases to – do you have a proper thing where to put it? And now it’s the moment to think about why did you do all this.


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Flowers are the only living nature you can keep beside you in this big polluted city. Weather you are a man or a woman, there are plenty of reasons for which you should buy flowers for no obvious reasons.

  • Watching beauty is relaxing. You’ll arrive home 10 minutes later, but these will be good spent minutes. Sure you don’t have to visit an art gallery too often, to relax listening to music without thinking at anything or to try doing some pottery. Analyzing flowers and trying to pick the most beautiful you’ll have time to observe their beauty. They all are a wonder – the most artistic form of nature.
  • This is an opportunity to get to know yourself better. What shape do you appreciate most? Do you prefer classic flowers like roses or do you like the ones more exotic? What’s your favorite color? It was easy to decide what do you love most or you had to take your time before making a decision?
  • Buying flowers makes your day! You’ll be more optimistic and less stressed. You know that feeling you have when you’re walking without hurries and a beautiful girl looks at you and smiles? It’s almost the same feeling – the flowers smile and you forget about all the problems you usually keep in your mind. You’ll start to fantasize about beautiful things – what another best way to relax?
  • And last, a little trick for our female readers – if you feel that he’s neglecting you, buying some flowers is one of the best ways to obtain his attention. Sure you can always have an argue and complain that it has been so long since he bought you flowers or you can try to be more diplomatic. Put the flowers in a visible spot and when he arrives home, make him attentive by using a natural – enthusiastic tone : “Look honey, don’t you find these flowers are just wonderful? I saw them in a shop and i couldn’t stop from buying them. They look so good here, don’t you think so?”


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Enjoy the beauty in your life! Look around and smile if you see a flower – she’ll smile back!

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