How to start reading

how to read

Since we are going to give you all sort of tips and lifehacks and how to’s here it would seem sensible that we start with telling you how to read something. Sure so you’re not a first grader or something and you can’ read. Sure you can read; the question here is can you make the most of your reading? Most people can’t and quite frankly it’s a big loss.The big thing here is speed. We life in very fast times and seems everything is in a rush; everybody hurries up and doesn’t want to waste any valuable time (and we all know how valuable time could be) with reading meaningless words and scans every sentence for it’s core and reads just that; more words and less time. Huge mistake here; sure sometimes it is very effective as you are moving information fast from whatever you read to your brain. Yet sometimes gathering 90% of the information is useless because you lack 10%.

Take a short moment (very short; wouldn’t want to waste any more time) and think about why you read. Is it to learn something? to entertain yourself and get away from the mundande day to day living? or just to make the time go faster? either way make the most out of your reading time and do it right. You shall benefit the most from that. Let’s put it this way; could you read very fast a story by James Joyce and make the most of it? Unless you are some sort of genious you can’t.

Here’s a good advice; slow down. It is going to make reading more useful and enjoyable as well. Mark a passage in notepad or something; think about more than just a single meaning to the sentence. Take something with you from reading whether you are just reading a blog article or a masterpiece of literature.

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