How to spend less on food when traveling

I need another point of view
Someplace I’ve never seen
Keepin’ my eyes wide open
Goin’ where I’ve never been
So take me to the highway
Take me far from here.
~Doobie brothers~

Most travelers discover that the money they give on food may be a lot more than they would have expected. However, these expenses can be easily reduced with a little experience and by following some simple steps.
1. Get to know your destination very well before actually taking a decision. Only in very expensive regions it worth taking food from home.
2. Bring nutritive drinks and multivitamins with you as a supplement for a poor diet. They will help you a lot, don’t take very much space and will give you more energy.
3. Bring your favorite condiments to add them on the food you buy from a store in order to make it tastier and to feel more like home.
4. Ask the locals about the places where they eat in order to get the best information.
5. See what the locals eat. It may be cheap, nutritious and tasty. You can’t know what you may discover!
6. Buy from the same places locals do. Moreover, a visit in market or a bazaar can prove to be a really interesting experience. Bargains are also a positive aspect as they can help you spend less and also improve your persuasion qualities.
7. Be very well informed about the currency exchange! If you’re not very good at Maths, just grab a piece of paper and calculate!
8. Check the prices on the menu before picking a restaurant. Do not let an owner or a host force you to stay there if you think it is too expensive!
9. Choose hotels that offer a breakfast too! This way you will be able to save some money and even to keep some food for later if possible.
10. Bring food for at least a meal in a long trip. This way you will have an alternative to an expensive meal!


-Bring food, not packages. Bottles and cans can prove to be heavy so choose instead peanut butter and buy fruits and bread on your way. A knife, A fork and a big cup should be enough!
-Take the condiments you want in small bags you can find on fast-foods: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard etc. Also take tea, instant coffee and hand wipes.
Ask a bus driver or a salesman about places to eat instead of a receptionist who may recommend you expensive places which may not be really authentic.

And now all you need to do is to take your bag and to go! You will certainly have more money to have fun!

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