Learn the vitamin ABC!

Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
~Miss Platnum~

Everyone knows a little something about vitamins. Vitamin A is good for your eyes and can be found in carrots. Vitamin C is good when you have a cold and you can get plenty of it from lemons and oranges, right? Or is there more about them? Then, there are other vitamins which are not as well-known as the “stars”, but whose utility might bring anyone many benefits and a great disposition. So why not know them better? There’s nothing to lose!
Vitamin A (retinol) This vitamin is good for your sight as it helps your eyes adapt to different kinds of light. However, it also stimulates growth, skeleton’s development, helps your body, especially the skin fight infections and thanks to this vitamin the liver functions better. It also improves your sleep. Although vitamin A can be found in carrots, peaches, flour, dried plumes, spinach and tomatoes in another form which is called carotene, most of the retinol comes from products of animal origin.
Anyone lacking this vitamin should worry, as this can lead to blindness, growth problems, infections, lung diseases, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. You should get about 0,6-0,7 mg everyday and no more than 1,5 mg.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is especially important for your nervous system as it keeps it healthy and improves its functionality. It also improves digestion and stimulates growth, also helping your body get more energy and fight infections. Thiamine can be found in beans, peas, yeast, hazelnuts, but most of it in pork and liver. An adult needs about 1,7 mg everyday while a small child 1 mg. This vitamin does not remain in the body so it must be replaced from a day to another. Its lack can lead to irritability, insomnia, concentration difficulties, memory deficits and heart problems.
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is vital in hemoglobin formation and serves as a muscular stimulant. Very good for the nervous system, it also keeps the sodium level under control and controls the cholesterol so that it does not lead to atherosclerosis. You need about 4-6 mg everyday in order to get all these benefits. It can be found in soy beans, beef, pork, chicken, tuna, bananas, salmon and peanuts . Having too little of it in your body can lead to irritability, weakness, difficulties when walking, but also to skin diseases and makes you vulnerable to infections.

Vitamin C can almost be considered miraculous. It strengthens the blood vessels, it’s the strongest antioxidant the body can get and it helps you recover faster after an illness. More than that, it helps organs and tissues work better and through its effects on proteins, it can actually make you live longer! Vitamin C can be found in capsicums, cabbage, lemons, oranges, melons, spinach, broccoli, spinach and liver. Lacking of vitamin C can lead to tiredness, painful wrist swelling, infections and small blood pressure. You need about 73 mg everyday in order to feel great and much healthier.
Vitamin E can also prove to be extraordinary. It prevents cells from ageing, it’s efficient in treating diabetes, burns and all kinds of wounds, controls the cholesterol in your body and how much water you eliminate. This vitamin can be found in tomatoes, sunflower seeds, soy beans, peanuts and meat, but in small quantities. You need 25 mg of it everyday, or else you might find yourself in the unpleasant situation of having high cholesterol, or even a muscular disease. Moreover, having too little vitamin E in body can lead to abortion.

Vitamin K is used in stopping any kind of hemorrhage and in treating liver diseases. You need 1,2-2 mg of it everyday and it can be found in cabbage, spinach, soy and olive oil, kiwi avocado, milk, some kinds of cheese and mayonnaise, but also in liver. When there’s not enough of it, nose and skin hemorrhages can occur.
So, maybe the key to most problems is just a balanced alimentation, which has a little of everything. Knowing where to find what you need and being just a little careful should help you reach a feeling of well-being.

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