Monday again? No problem!

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time
~The Mamas and the Papas~

We all hate Mondays, that’s a fact. Just thinking about this day can cause head aches to any student or to anyone having a job. Maybe this is why this day is the least productive of the whole week. So how about a little change of attitude in order to be more successful?

1. Remember that it’s all in your mind and the way you see this situation affects all your behavior. So don’t spend your Sunday thinking about the fact that you will start work again, that you’ll have classes and that it will be hard to do everything! Be positive and optimistic about it as there is nothing particularly scary about a Monday.

2. Get yourself a head start – knowing that the second part of any Friday isn’t too productive you could use it to make a plan for the following week so that your Monday morning will be less agitated. Then, by cleaning your desk and arranging your papers you will find your Monday start a lot easier and you will improve your work.

3. Plan what you have to do so that you won’t find yourself on Sundays in the difficult situation of still having a lot of things to do. Try to solve all your assignments and do your chores so that this won’t happen! Use your spare time to solve all your problems that are not connected to your work and try not to delay them.

4. Try to treat this day just the way you treat any other day. That’s just how it is after all! The simple fact that Monday is the first day should not make it harder as a little change of habit is the solution to most problems. Giving up this idea should be enough to make Monday a great day!

5. Do something pleasant and relaxing on your Sunday evenings but try not to stay up too late or else you will not be able to wake up in the morning! Meet your friends to play cards, to chat, read a good book, it’s your choice after all!

6. Start your Monday morning by having your favorite food for breakfast. This will make you feel better and will improve your state of mind. Still, avoid eating too much or fatty foods. It won’t help you at all.

7. Wear something you like very much when you go to school or work! Choose pleasant fabrics and colorful clothes to make your day happier. Some colors such as orange or yellow should give you energy while a light green or blue should relax you.

8. Plan something interesting and amusing after work every Monday so that this day will be one you will wait. Go to walks, meet your friends, go shopping or just do something you like very much. You’ll just wait for Monday to come!
So what if tomorrow’s Monday? It’s just another day…

6 thoughts on “Monday again? No problem!

  1. Good list.

    Have to say, I kind relish Mondays in a way. They’re a new opportunity to get the week right – get things done in the evening I want to get done, eat the right things, not fall into lazy habits…..

    Possibly I’m weird. Yes.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know there are people who feel like this. For me Monday is by far the worst day in the week, and that’s because it’s so far from the week-end:(
    What do you say, should we write something about every day in the week?

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