Offering presents


“And I stole you that ring
‘Cause I wanted you to have it
And it wasn’t about me, I just wanted you to have it”
~Bloc Party~

It doesn’t seem so difficult to offer o present to someone, it may even seem like it’s a piece of cake. Even though, if you want to see the person you are giving the present to smiling there are some simple rules to follow.

  • Someone who brings something even some flowers will create a much better image of himself than someone who comes empty-handed every time.
  • Small presents are an important aspect of a friendship as long as they are given from the heart and without a hidden interest.
  • To give e present to the teacher when your child has serious problems with that class is not a sign of politeness but even the opposite.
  • Don’t offer present to a wealthier acquaintance who has come from abroad. It will make him or her problems about what to buy for you.
  • You don’t need a special occasion to give presents to close friends, family members or to the person you have a relationship with. Small gifts are a sign of affection. Still, don’t buy expensive gifts in order not to make them feel embarrassed
  • Don’t give presents to children very often because they will become very spoiled and will create embarrassing situations especially when having guests.
  • Once you’ve found out what one of your friends wants, it is better to buy it then and to put it somewhere where it can’t be found. This way you will be able to avoid the Christmas shopping frenzy
  • If you are not well-informed don’t buy stamps for a collector, fishing accessories for a fisherman because there are specialized stores for these products and you may not know what to buy.
  • Do not offer things you have in your house but you don’t like. If these things are valuable give them to close friends or relatives but without saying something like” How could you like that? It’s horrible!”
  • Don’t annoy the person you are giving the present to by asking again and again whether he or she likes it or not.
  • Do not give books you haven’t read or that you don’t know whether they are good or not.
    Never give money to anyone because it’s not polite at all. It is better to give something you have chosen and that will please that person.
  • A well-wrapped present worth twice as much. Always have in your house colored paper and ribbons. Also, be creative when wrapping the gift!
  • Try to give the presents on the right date not late or sooner in order to please the person you are giving it to.
  • And maybe the most important aspect is to really want to give that present to that person and to try to choose the right one.

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