One day to defeat your negative feelings

The world seems not the same,
Though I know nothing has changed.
It’s all my state of mind,
I can’t leave it all behind.
Have to stand up to be stronger.
~Within Temptation~

You don’t want to see anyone and you would rather be left alone. Your head spins and a million thoughts storm inside your mind. Maybe everyone should just disappear, maybe everyone is incapable of understanding you, maybe they should all stop judging you and maybe those neighbors should stop with their music! But maybe a new day is what you need to pass over everything…
7:00 Wake up- Be at peace with yourself. A disease, the death of someone close, debts, a bad relationship, the others’ attitude…one of them or even more would be enough to shake anyone’s stability, at least for a while. Hiding your problem or not acknowledging it will do nothing but to make you sadder, mare incapable of communicating with the others and with yourself and will affect your self esteem. Whatever your problem is, it’s absolutely normal to come across a difficulty, so hating yourself or the others won’t bring you absolutely any good. Acknowledging your problem is maybe the most important step.
8:00 Preparing for the day ahead. Even if most realize in the end what it is that causes their negative reactions towards the world, they decide either to give up on finding a solution or to do everything on their own. It’s easy to turn your back on the entire world and to become isolated just because the situation seems just too tough sometimes. The next step is to realize that mad world offers a great advantage too: nobody is totally alone. In the end, everyone has someone to turn to; and once you’ve asked for help, some advice or just a hug you’ve made the biggest step.

13:00 Lunch. Take the phone and dial your friend’s number. Maybe the only advantage of a bad situation is that you see who your real friends are, even though sometimes we feel like we would rather never know. Sharing something so intimate for the first time is very difficult, but it helps anyone overcome isolation and rebuilds that person’s trust in people. To finally confide after some time is like putting some ice on a twisted ankle: it’s unpleasant at first but it proves to be a great relief. So spend some time with a friend or a family member. Sometimes there’s no need to speak at all. Specialized help is also a solution. There’s nothing shameful in visiting a therapist. Many people do it, in fact and that person was specially trained to offer you guidance.
17:00 The great outdoors. Some can easily get rid of their hate and frustration through physical exercise, long walks and short trips. Physical effort is usually followed by a great feeling of achievement and also by tiredness. This is good because it will help you sleep faster and much better. Trips, especially in places where nature is still untouched can help someone clear his or her mind and maybe finally reach a decision. Activities such as watching TV for a long time or playing computer games will do nothing but to keep you away from the others. And maybe both you and them deserve another chance.

19:00 Dinner- make a plan. If something went wrong it does not mean that you can’t give it another chance. Spend as much time as possible in people’s company and don’t be afraid to speak out or to ask for advice. Make some plans for the future, maybe not to become richer than Bill Gates, but set goals that would make you feel proud when achieving them. Try to get a book you wanted for a long time, raise money to buy something you really wanted, start exercising and eating healthy food, get involved in voluntary work (helping others will have a miraculous effect). A load of hamburgers will not solve your problems, but will add many others to the ones you already have. Direct your energy towards one of these purposes (of course, without exaggerating). You will feel great once you have achieved one of them or you’ve helped someone as it will show you that there is still enough potential that you can exploit

22:00 Sleep. It’s not simple to pass over everything and many times your problems seem not to leave you alone. You have hard time getting any sleep, you are concerned. Whenever you feel like, discuss, try to find a way and don’t allow your negative feelings to return. Keep in your mind the fact that there are people who care about you and that they have reasons to do so. Think about the good times, about the things you like, about the people you love. Try to put the good aspects of your life on the first place. Be optimistic: tell to yourself that life has yet a lot more to offer.
The day has past but many others will come. You can either choose to spend them isolated and full of negative feelings or you can break the barrier. So what will the new day bring?

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