Smoke free! 10 ways of giving up smoking for good!

Nightmares made of hash dreams, the devil in my shoes
What have I done wrong?
Yeah nothing can go right with me it must be that i’ve been smoking too

What makes you start smoking again? Anger? Stress? Boredom? Tiredness? The first two are universally known to make people return to this bad habit. Each of these make you want to kill for a smoke, but cigarettes do nothing but to increase stress and to affect your health and even social relations. Learn to handle these situations and not to turn to cigarettes!
1. Take care of yourself! By depriving your body of smoking, assure that it won’t suffer because of this. Try to have a balanced diet and choose healthy, nutritious food. Ask a specialist about what you should eat and about what you should avoid. Fresh fruits and vegetables should help you the most! Give good quality “fuel” to your body and drink more water to be hidrated. Avoid drinks which have too many chemicals as you need to purify your organism. Take vitamins as nicotine has emptied your body of nutrients, in order to recover faster. Still, ask your doctor for a recommendation!
2. Give up caffeine! Drinking coffee in a time like this might make you nervous even angry so try reducing the quantity of coffee you drink every day. Even a simple coke can have unsuspected effects so you may even give up on it totally for a while. These two habits are usually associated so you may gain a lot more by forgetting about both of them!
3. Take a warm bath! It’s an excellent way to relax and to get rid of stress. Add just a little salt and it will be perfect! Relax and think about something pleasant. A little time spent like this everyday may bring even more benefits to both your body and mind.
4. Have a massage! If you can’t go to a specialist or you don’t have the time for that ask a friend or your partner to help you with that. You will also have time for a little chat and you will forget about how much you need a cigarette. Keep this habit in the future too as it’s pleasant and useful. Remember: even 15 minutes can do miracles!

5. Walk! Try to take a short walk everyday in order to relax, to forget about smoking and to keep your health! Walking helps you grow old slower and improves blood circulation. Take a friend as he or she will help you fight the temptation an go to the park. Sit on a bench, jog, have a conversation, it’s just as simple as that. Try to walk to work instead of taking a taxi and do the same thing when shopping.
6. Get enough sleep! The first days after giving up smoking can be very difficult, they will drain your energy and you will feel tired both physically and mentally. Rest, choose pleasant activities and don’t push yourself. There is time for everything. Don’t worry, you will regain your energy soon!
7. Use your imagination! Think of a place you’ve been or to one you’ve only heard about. This should be your own special place. Close your eyes, picture yourself there and take deep breaths from three to five minutes whenever you feel the need. Stimulating your imagination in a positive way should make you forget about stress and by this you will feel the need to smoke less and less as there will be no cause for it.
8. Take a deep breath! It’s a good method to relax and to calm down. Inhale on your nose, count to three and exhale on your mouth. Do this for a few minutes and the pressure in your body will disappear! Do it whenever you feel the need to. Talk to the others when you need help or when it gets too difficult. It’s not a shame!
9. Concentrate on the current day. Thinking about endless years without cigarettes won’t do you any good. Don’t think about a long time effort but about the day in front of you. We spend too much concerning about the future, so don’t think about the fact that you will never smoke again. You can do it for a day, isn’t it?
10. Don’t take everything too seriously! You will have both good and bad days after giving up smoking. What is important is to continue. Your family’s support, your friends are the ones you should go to. Avoid smokers for a while and concentrate on what you have to do. It’s all a matter of will after all!

9 thoughts on “Smoke free! 10 ways of giving up smoking for good!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to my knowledge on this subject. As a writer, I seek inspiration from as many places as possible. You have contributed to my continued growth, and I am very thankful for that.

  2. Smoking is definitely a bane to society. It not only kills the host but those who around them. I grew up with a father who smoked in the car and house – I can’t stand it. I am glad that you are working to rid the world of one more smoker.

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