The best decision for both – choosing the perfect dog for you

Oh lord it’s a dogs life
Oh lord it’s a dogs life dogs life
I’m feeling Kinda Irie
It’s bubbling inside me
Straight up it’s a dogs life
~Kottonmouth kings~

Dogs seem to be the perfect animals for every family so maybe it’s time to bring one to your home too! By simply following a few pieces of advice you will get a perfect companion for you and the ones you love.

  • Talk to a veterinarian
  • A specialist can give you the best information you need about certain breeds and can help you make the best choice without being subjective as dog breeders can prove to be. You can also find out about what diseases the breed is most likely to have, and how to prevent and protect against them.

  • Ponder family’s daily routine.
  • Are you or is someone else home frequently enough to feed, walk and take care of the pet? That’s not even half of it – a dog needs to feel loved and wanted, and they’re really dependent on their feelings. Also, think if the animal has enough place to run, and do all those things that if absent, make the dog unhappy.

  • Think about your family, and talk to them!
  • If there are small children in your home, choose a breed that is known to be fond of children preferably not a very large one. Check for allergies, aggressivity, among others. Also, a surprise puppy can be just fantastic, the best present in the world! But if somebody is allergic, or doesn’t like puppies… wouldn’t be that much of a surprise

  • Make an evaluation of the environment you live in.
  • It’s rural or urban, a large house with a huge yard or just a small flat? Think about the animal’s needs. A Chihuahua or a Yorkshire terrier might feel just fine in your flat while a larger dog could have serious problems related to space. Also, if you’re thinking about some larger breeds, a yard or a place to run is a must.

  • Get more information from the Internet in order to make the right choice!
  • Dog owners can also offer very good information so ask a friend who can also recommend you a type of dog to fit your personality and lifestyle. Despite what you may think, it’s quite reliable. There is a huge amount of great websites which can be very useful. Here’s just one – finding them is really easy.

  • Think whether you want a purebred dog or not.
  • Don’t forget the fact that all dogs can prove to be great friends no matter what their origins are! If you’re doing this for your kid, it is probably better not to go for a pure breed. Ponder your needs. If you want a purebred puppy ask for details about the parents and about any genetic diseases that occurred throughout generations! Also think about whether you want an adult dog or a puppy. Many dogs were abandoned so adopting a puppy may mean saving a life!

    If you take a dog, and later decide that you can’t take care of the animal, or just don’t want a pet, you’ll do great and unnnecessary damage. Remember, it’s not fair to take an animal and then just send it back because it didn’t work – you would be destroying a life! So think before making a decision and try to stick to it! This will be better for both you, and the dog.

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    1. This is a great article. My younger daughter loves dog. She has been asking me to get one for her for a while now. I’ll share this article with her. This article has inspired me to fulfill my daughter’s wish.


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      I may have fleas but I run our yard
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      But unlike those clones this dog is free

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