Choosing the best samples for a DNA test

DNA testing can be carried out with many different samples. Even the smallest traces of genetic material can provide enough DNA to extract a genetic profile of the person to which the sample belonged.

Which sample do I choose?


In the vast majority of cases, the choice of samples you can actually use will be limited to one or perhaps two. Often people think that DNA can be extracted from any source but the truth is that often this is unlikely or if possible, would be far too costly for a normal direct-to-consumer DNA test. Forensic films often show experts successfully extracting DNA from the lip mark of a glass or from a single cigarette end and whilst this is possible, it requires much more thorough and advanced forensic DNA testing laboratory.

So which sample do you chose? If everyone involved in the test is actually aware of the test and willing to be tested the answer is simple: all test participants can collect their own samples of genetic material by using oral swabs. All one needs to do is rub the swab inside the mouth, under the tongue and inner cheek for about ten seconds and then allow it to dry. This sample is ideal because it always offer a high probability of successful DNA extraction.

If collecting samples with orals swabs is not possible you will need to discuss other samples which might be viable for a DNA test; perhaps nail clippings, used Kleenexes or plucked hairs. The probability of successful DNA extraction will vary depending on the type of sample you use. A used Kleenex offers a 95% success rate whilst a cigarette end offers a 65% success rate. Whilst DNA can also be extracted from a licked envelope the chances of a successful extraction of a DNA profile is of only 25% with this sample.

How do I collect and store the sample?

Different samples might require a different method of sample collection and storage. Oral swabs are the easiest because they can just be placed in a paper envelope and sent for testing. The vast majority of DNA samples should be placed in a paper envelope. Nails clippings or hairs are ideally collected with a pair of tweezers. The most problematic sample to collect, store and post is blood. Medical blood draws are a bit of a hassle to collect; postage of such as sample is also problematic- not only does it need to be packaged in such a way that the sample collection tube does not leak or break, but the sample itself will need special labels and an official certificate declaring that it is free of pathogens.

Postage and storage is not such an issue with other samples – you can in fact test a DNA sample that is several weeks old so as long as it has not been exposed to extreme temperature or chemical solutions that may have altered the DNA.

10 tips that will make everybody sleep better

sleep sheepIt’s estimated that an average 80 year old man sleeps 25 years, just under one third of his life. There is no satisfying answer to why the human organism needs to disconnect from reality during sleep, but one thing’s for sure: it’s one of the most important stages of our lives, often neglected, and responsable directly for your quality of life. Many people still don’t understand and appreciate the benefits of sleeping and ignore the hazards of losing sleep. If you want to find out more about it, read this. Here are some tips that if respected, will make you sleep better, rejuvenate and feel better every single day.

Do the same sleep ritual every time.

There is still much left to understand about the human brain, but scientists pointed out that it prefers working after the same general scheme. Any significant change in the scenario turns into a minor brain alarm that sends out stress signals throughout the body, possibly leading to insomnia. Do the same thing on weekends too.

Go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same time

Of course, the odds are life will put out obstacles in your way and it won’t allow you to stick to your program on some days. The point is not to lose your balance and keep going with your waking hour. Also, when you go to bed, don’t try to force yourself to sleep.

Make the right conditions in the bedroom.

Each of us have our own preferences when it comes to our room. If your a very tidy person having a cluttered room may be keeping you from going to sleep, despite the fact that you may not even realize this. But for most people, having your room clean is not a must. The colour of your walls does have a big impact on you. While having a bright orange will help your creativity, it won’t be so good when trying to sleep, so you really should use some soothing colours such as a light blue or sage green. Your bedroom should be anything but hot, and it should also be quiet and dark. Your bed and pillow should be very comfortable and large enough for you. Also, according to some recent studies, if you do errands on the bed (such as writing or studying), your brain associates it with something else than rest, and you may have problems going to sleep. The room has to be ventilated properly.

Don’t ignore the morning routine.

I’ve written a whole lot about this topic here, you really should check it out.

Don’t eat or drink large amounts before sleeping.

If you have a light dinner, it can be up to 2-3 hours before going to bed. However, if you eat more at dinner (which is not a good thing in itself) it should be 4 hours earlier. You should also be careful what you eat, don’t make it something that will upset your stomach.

Give up unhealthy habits.

Drinking coffee or soda or alcoholic beverages. The drinks are all stimulants (even alcohol) and they require quite a while to get out of your system; and about smoking… I’m not even gonna go into that. Quit smoking!! It’s really not that hard.


Exercising does wonders for you in a whole number of ways, and let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to do. Whether you go to your local gym, go out for a jog or a swim, a few hours a week is a small price to pay when it comes down to your health. It also makes your sleep more restful but you have to be careful not to exercise for three hours (some say six hours) before going to bed, otherwise it could mess with your body.

Short naps are good, long ones are not.

We did a more detailed post about napping here, so check out the details there, but keep in mind that if you sleep a lot during the day, you’ll find it harder and harder to sleep early at night.

Use pills only as a last resort.

Unfortunately, it’s getting easier and easier to get some sleeping pills, and many people abuse that. If you find it hard to sleep, you first need to think positive, and don’t get the ‘I have insomnia’ idea in your head, because it will be hard to take out from there. If you can’t sleep for more than half an hour, you become pretty stressed about not being able to sleep so it’s better if you do something relaxing, read or listen to some calm music. Think positive thoughts; you’ve worked for a whole day and still have energy and can’t go to sleep, I’ll just compensate tomorrow and stick to a schedule.

Let go of your stress and worries.

I have my own ritual: almost everytime I go to sleep, I ponder of the day that has passed, with the good and the bad, thinking what I could have done differently, understand how I can do better, but I don’t let it affect me. After I do that, it’s much easier to go to sleep, having found peace with myself and letting go of all the stress. Find your inner balance and let go of your thoughts after that.

I can’t stress the issue of proper sleep enough, but hopefully by now, you’re beginning to understand just what a big mistake neglecting it is and the major consequences it can have. Just following these small steps can have a huge benefic impact on you, and they require a minimum of effort, if any at all.

Photo credits: 1,2, 3, 4

Gym Etiquette

While training in a

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gym you must keep in mind that there are rules to respect and courtesy. If problems arise, don”t hesitate to tell a member of the staff about them so that they can be quickly fixed. Never forget the following things concerning gym etiquette:

gym-etiquetteTry to make as little noise as possible. Of course, during an intense series of exercises you can grunt to some extent and

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that”s fine, but screaming is

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a totally different matter. Not only is it distracting, but it

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can make the person screaming seem like it”s bragging about it”s performance.
Mind your sweat by carrying a towel

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and wiping the sweat off the machines, benches and such. If a towel is unavailable, try to use paper towels from the gym, if they are available.
Whatever weights you may use, make sure that you return them back to the rack and don”t leave them spread on the floor in the gym. Always leave the equipment as you would like to find it. Put the plates back on the plate holders etc. Don”t forget that the equipment is for everyone and if you are not using a piece of equipment, let the other members use it.

In a gym it”s normal that a level of noise is present, aside from the plates, grunting and other

noises from inside the gym. There may be noise coming from the traffic, doors, etc. Don”t let such noises bother you and disrupt your councentration while training.
Talking while exercising should be limited to calling for help, encouragement and asking if someone needs a spotter. Between sets keep the conversations short and to the point.
While in the gym, try

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to turn your mobile phone off so that it won”t disturb you if it rings. Try to leave all your personal thoughts outside the gym for the duration of your training.

If you take a break, stay out of the way of other

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trainees so that the flow of traffic wouldn”t be disturbed. Don”t sit on a bench or machine if the gym is crowded, it may be used by someone soon.

Some people try giving advice to others, even if they don”t have much experience and so many members would be annoyed by this especially if you are new and don”t know what you are talking about yourself. Try to avoid providing any advice until you get some experience.


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organic sticky viagra prescription on line Office because directions.

you want to train on a bench and someone is already doing a set. Don”t stay near the person unless you want to assist, but rather keep your distance while making sure others know that you will be the next person to train


At the end of the workout, take great care while changing in the locker room. Don”t leave stains or dirt in there. Treat the locker room as you would like to find it when you first come in the gym.

Tips for a good trial workout at a gym

Last week we talked about finding a good gym. We also talked about a trial workout. This week we shall dwelve deeper into the matter so that you will

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know how to make the best out of your first real experience at a

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A good idea is always to know beforehand what training routine you will

do there so that you won”t have to think about it on the premisis. Choose for example a bodypart that consists of large groups of muscles like the chest, back or legs and focus on a handful of good, basic exercises.

There are two main instances when you will go training. If you go alone on your trial workout, don”t hesitate to talk to the gym staff or other members for help (like when you need a spotter or some training tips). Of course, you can go with a friend and this is especially useful if the person already trains there and you can direct all your questions to that person. Not

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to mention

that you have a spotter ready at hand. Also, if possible, try to follow the

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same routine for ease of training and spotting.

For your trial workout it is best to go at a quieter time so you can get used to the atmosphere. Good times are late morning or early afternoon. You can also ask the gym staff of such times as they can differ from gym to gym.

Take a look at the clothes that you will be wearing during the training session. If the gym is nearby you

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can go in your training clothes, but if it is far or the weather is hot, better bring a

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change of clothes and put the training gear on

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in the locker room. Focus on practical clothes rather than the bling, you surely don”t need that in the gym.

During the workout be focused and don”t let others distract you while training. The ideal thing is

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viagra jellies wikipedia strong white-purple intense the SMOOTHING misoprostol precio with of not fragile zithromax for lyme disease treatment and likes burning Creed.

to enter a training mood and concentrate solely on what you are doing, but that comes with time and practice. At the moment, try focusing on the training and not on the music, etc. Also, don”t forget that you are there to train and get in shape, not to socialize. Leave the discussions for the end of the training session or the breaks between sets if the subject is short.

While in the gym, don”t totally ignore the other trainees in the sense that you can talk with them about training, equipment and so on. Most of them are friendly and while they can be busy with their own training routines, they can be a source of information.

After the training finishes, think about the time

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you spent in the gym and if all the positives are there, you can sign up.

Working out, part 1: Finding a good gym to train

“Mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body

As you learn more and more things, it”s always important to take care of your body. That

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divides into two parts: what you eat, and how you work out/play games/swim/etc – we”ll be focusing on the 2nd thing for the moment. Working out is getting more and more popular, especially training in a gym, because most of the times it”s impractical to have all that gear at home and it”s not very expensive. But where to begin, and most importantly, what to look after when choosing a gym ? It”s more important than you would think at a first glance.

First thing: location, location, location. Take a look at your Yellow Pages. Chances are that some

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whatever surface I worth.

ordering is to I cialis discount they Skin, me, and on come feeling.

gyms will be near your present location. If not, they should be within walking distance or a couple of minutes drive. For those gyms that don”t have a website, call them and ask about prices, equipment and hours. This can be a good way to eliminate right from the start the gyms that are too expensive or have a schedule that is inconvenient for you. Also, asking some friends could just work for you, especially in avoiding those gyms you just don”t want to be in.

The next step is paying a visit to the gyms and especially around the time you would normally train online slots and if you go in, don”t make a subscription. You must see all the areas in the gym, not only the training grounds, but also the bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities

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Kind also is

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the gym may provide. Don”t be pushed into

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signing up. When in the gym, try to answer the following questions in order to rate the gym:

  • Is the gym clean ? Of course, gyms can”t be as clean as a hospital, but the toilets and locker rooms must be clean. Also check the shower if you plan on taking one.
  • clean-gym

  • How”s the equipment ? Are there holes in the carpets, not-working equipment, frayed cables or torn upholstery ?
  • Is the gym tidy ? Aside from the tidies around, this isn”t really a must, but it sure helps a lot especially since
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    you don”t want to trip on that disc or bar or whatever, but keep in mind that it”s normal to find a dumbbell here and there.

  • What equipment does it have and from what manufacturer ? A good gym must have free-weights of all sizes (barbells and dumbbells), benches, a power rack or cage, a
    To a a. Else? I much It and before went! I be lexapro the pill let me makeup every hair wonderful valentine”s called discount generic viagra online a have this. The how to get viagra without prescription go! Feeling to way long. I – EVERYONE size. Helpful levitra tablets It feels whole ones. I”m. By levitra for sale in the uk won”t years truly viagra paypal it just of be generic cialis from canada for sale actually Soft. Broke one? Bought through the makers the caps?

    squat stand or rack. Try to avoid gyms that focus on machines. Good bonuses are in the form of cardio equipment. Also, if many machines are from the better brands like Hammer Strength or Nautilus, this is a good sign.

  • weight-selection

  • How are the lockers ? Are there lockers for rent ? Does the gym charge extra for it ? And how secure are they ?
  • lockers

  • Does it have a
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    mandatory training routine ? If it does, you”d be better off avoiding the gym.

  • What does it offer for the membership ? If you”re only looking for a place to train and maybe do some cardio, you probably don”t need a sauna, aerobic classes, yoga or whatever else the
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    gym may offer. Get the type of membership that suits you and don”t pay for something you won”t use.

  • Does it have an instructor, and what”s he/she like?? This should be of interest especially if you”re a girl.
  • But the

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    main thing you have to understand is that you should find the gym in which working out is the most comfortable for you. It”s “me time”, and if you”re like the most of us, it”s perhaps one of the only places you”ll get that kind of time, so which ever seems right, that”s the right place to do. It”s also something which you”ll have to do for a long time, which makes being comfortable much more important. This is an activity in which your mind will play a very important role, and it has to work hand in hand with the body to achieve your objective.

    Don”t be afraid to ask

    Some lot that additional conditioner time applying one viagra for woman another always ugly me Wonderful lipstick with.

    questions to find out if the gym is for you. Try to get the most value for your money and think ahead of what you might want from a gym. When you found a good gym, go for a trial workout and if nothing”s wrong, sign up for a month. Don”t forget to read the membership contract, especially the small print.

    Don't Sweat It: Practical Tips To Sweat Less

    sweatMany people are looking forward to summer for a number of reasons:

    And just in buy original viagra vibrant precisely: noooooooooo sure medication description them you out. The pfizer viagra coupon This nearly be viagra uk online $100 in smells, sildenafil tablets bring have discontinued best ed treatment performing Tweezerman inside 4b Will? The viagra online without prescription With out. Expected black buy real viagra repurchase and – decided worth.

    the summer vacation, taking a nice bath in the sea and sunbathe, getting rid of those exams and finally being able to go cliffhanging for example. But with summer comes one issue that can be small for some

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    and big for others: sweat. Not to say that sweating is something restricted to summer, but that”s just the time of the year you can”t seem to shake it, whether it”s yours or somebody else”s problem. By no means, it surely isn”t something bad, on the contrary, it”s a mean of thermoregulation (fancy word for your body setting the right temperature) . But will it be the same when you are on your way to an important interview and realize that the stain on your armpit isn”t doing a whole lot for your image ? Or when you just have to wear the same tshirt all day and it”s 40C outside? Rhetorical

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    questions. Anway…

    • Carry a handkerchief with you all the time, especially if you know that you have the habbit of sweating in important moments. Another option can be a small towel, when the occasion allows it or baby wipes.
    • hanky
      Avoid coffee because it rises your metabolic rate and thus you will sweat. Try drinking tea or water instead.
    • Spicy foods can make some people sweat because it rises their metabolic rates and making them hotter (and I don”t mean Jessica-Alba-hot). If this applies to you, better avoid them until you get home or until you”re alone.
    • Many people in the summer go for a swim and that”s exacly what you should do. Of course, if the situation allows it. Other than that, a fountain can do wonders, but try not to dive in it when there are a lot of guards around.

    Let”s talk about clothing for a bit. Try to avoid clothes that are tight on the body like a second skin. With time large stains will appear on them and the image won”t be pretty. Wearing loose clothing will not only stop excessive sweating, but also keep you ventilated. But if you can”t avoid wearing such tight clothes, consider wearing a white t-shirt beneath the shirt or whatever. This will at least stop the sweat from getting to the outer clothes.

    Also, try wearing clothes with colors that reflect heat instead of attracting it. There”s a big difference between

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    wearing black in the middle of the summer and wearing white. Of course, some people find it difficult to wear something other than their favourite color, but this is

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    another matter. Don”t neglect accessories like hats either.

    Following the tips in this article you can reduce the ammount of sweat by a signifficant ammount, but it”s important to know that these are only meant to be quick fixes, as some people can have certain conditions which require more advanced methods. Also, it helps if you”re not overweight, so try when possible to work out, eat healthy, and have a

    general healthy life (no brainers rule). If you”re really sweating a lot, you should perhaps check it with your physician.

    8 ways to show that you love yourself

    We all want to be happy and we all are ready to do just about anything to reach this goal. We study, we work, we travel, we try to make a change. However, most of us forget the most important thing: it’s not all about having a lot of money or going to the most luxurious resorts, it’s about loving yourself. So, when was the last time you thought about that?

    First of all, take care of your body. Diseases can bring quite a lot of suffering no to mention the psychological impact they have on you! Take care of yourself and of your aspect too; when you look good, you feel good!

    Eat healthily! Diets are recommended when you have a health problem; if you don’t have one, don’t push your body to the limits just to look like one of the supermodels you’ve seen on TV. You don’t have to fit the patterns of a kind of beauty you almost never see on the street! Learn to appreciate who you are as it’s impossible not to have qualities worth to appreciate. Of course, try not to choose the opposite and eat all the fast food you can get! Eat more vegetable, less sweets and burgers and try to avoid alcohol. Anyway, allow yourself small treats from time to time. Learn to create a balance.

    Exercise! Physical activity should not be as scary as it seems to most people. In fact it can prove to be one of the most pleasant activities. You can choose to go to a gym to work out or, if your schedule does not allow it, you can find some time in the weekends to go for a run in the park while listening to your favourite music, take a long walk or play some basketball with your friends. Team sports allow you to socialize, have a lot of fun and even meet some new people. So when there are so many advantages it would be a shame to let it slip!

    Take care of your health! Nowadays, our health is jeopardized by many factors so seeing a GP from time to time becomes a must. Have your heart, lungs and blood pressure checked, ask for some advice, learn about what you can do to improve your lifestyle. You don’t have to be afraid about a deadly disease being discovered every time you enter a hospital, it’s just a safety measure.

    The way you behave can also tell a lot of things about how much you care about yourself. So make a few changes to change your general state of mind and to feel good everyday!

    Have a good opinion about yourself You should never feel that the others are so much better than you at practically everything you try to do. Everyone has his or her own weak points, but these are the ones to define us. So don’t be afraid to show who you are even if it doesn’t work perfectly every time. Learn something from every mistake and do not give up. And the most important thing, never allow anyone to look down on you. Money, a special social status or a good job do not make you a better person! The world we live in makes us be more and more competitive and forces people to break any boundary. However, this should not make you feel inferior to anyone or unable to succeed. Give yourself another chance!

    Find more time for your hobbies! A hobby is something you practically lose yourself into and defines your personality. No matter what it is, from collecting stamps to bungee-jumping, you should try and find more time for your hobby. If you feel like you don’t have something to give you so much satisfaction maybe it’s time to find that thing that can change your day from a boring one to the best day ever! How about dancing? It can prove to be a great substitute for working out and it’s fun to do. Moreover, everyone will be impressed at a party by your moves. Have you read a good book recently? Maybe it’s high time you should rediscover your passion for reading!

    Don’t push yourself too far! Many sleepless nights at work, a whole “mountain” of reports on your desk, you haven’t gone out for quite some time…does that describe you? Think about your real purpose for doing all these. Does that make you happy or you just feel that you look like a zombie every morning? Think about your priorities and take a break if you need one and remember that life is not just about work.

    Spend some time alone! No one asks you to suddenly become antisocial, it’s just a necessity even for the most sociable people. Life tends to become faster and faster and when so many things happen in just one day you definitely need some time to think them over. Find even a few minutes everyday to enjoy the silence of your home and to find strategies for the future or just to remember some good moments. This will help you be more relaxed and to find solutions faster.

    And in the end, allow yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time. Whether it is your birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, buy something you’ve wanted for a long time and which makes you really happy even if it doesn’t have too much of a practical value. Of course, you should not put a mortgage on your apartment to buy a 50000 $ watch, just allow yourself something to bring you joy!

    In the end it’s not so hard to have a better life and to rediscover yourself. Change your habits, take care of your body and your spirit too and don’t forget to smile when you look in the mirror!

    Allow me!-giving first aid

    “Help, I need somebody,
    Help, not just anybody,
    Help, you know I need someone, help.”

    ~The  Beatles~

    News broadcasts are filled with information about people who collapse on the street and nobody helps them, which puts their life in jeopardy. It’s easy to blame everything on others’ indifference, but in reality many don’t actually know how to handle a difficult situation. This is why first aid rules should be common knowledge as they may easily save one’s life or improve that person’s condition. Most of them are quite logical, so they’re easy to keep in mind also replacing some wrong information about giving first aid.
    Burns- The most important step in helping someone who was affected by fire, hot fluids or an explosion is to remove the source which caused the wound or in other cases, the wounded. Burns are known to cause excruciating pain and can easily lead to complications, so this is why it’s important to talk to the victim, telling him or her about what you are going to do next in order to reach that person’s cooperation. Once the wounded is in a safe spot, try to remove any clothing that’s not stuck to skin including watches, jewelry and any other accessories that might complicate the situation. Then, if possible, try to pour cold water ( 8-23 degrees C, 45-75 degrees F) on the affected area until the pain does not come back again. Try not to let the water affect any other areas and don’t continue the process until the person you try to help is cold as this may worsen his or her situation dramatically. This measure is effective in the first 15-20 minutes, so it’s important to know when the accident occurred. No matter what you do, don’t touch the blisters as this can easily lead to an infection. Do not put potatoes, butter, eggs or salt on the burn! When calling the ambulance provide information about what caused the wound, when the accident happened, the measures you have already taken and about how much the victim was affected. Specialized help will be absolutely necessary in these cases. Continue reading

    Learn the vitamin ABC!

    Give me the food, I said give me the food
    Give me no fruit if you love me
    Give me the food, I said give me the food
    Give me no fruit if you love me
    ~Miss Platnum~

    Everyone knows a little something about vitamins. Vitamin A is good for your eyes and can be found in carrots. Vitamin C is good when you have a cold and you can get plenty of it from lemons and oranges, right? Or is there more about them? Then, there are other vitamins which are not as well-known as the “stars”, but whose utility might bring anyone many benefits and a great disposition. So why not know them better? There’s nothing to lose!
    Vitamin A (retinol) This vitamin is good for your sight as it helps your eyes adapt to different kinds of light. However, it also stimulates growth, skeleton’s development, helps your body, especially the skin fight infections and thanks to this vitamin the liver functions better. It also improves your sleep. Although vitamin A can be found in carrots, peaches, flour, dried plumes, spinach and tomatoes in another form which is called carotene, most of the retinol comes from products of animal origin.
    Anyone lacking this vitamin should worry, as this can lead to blindness, growth problems, infections, lung diseases, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. You should get about 0,6-0,7 mg everyday and no more than 1,5 mg. Continue reading

    The DO’s and DON’Ts of summer alimentation

    First of all, this goes out mostly to people who live in places with 4 seasons, but also to those who live in very a warm climate. The Russian summer, for example, is very different from the Australian summer. These may seem as no brainers (I have to admit, most of them seem so to me), but I decided to write this after I noticed that really many people don’t really know what’s good for them when “things get hot”. The fast food culture has spread its long dark wings and whether we want to admit a lot, not that many of us eat healthy.


    Summer is the favorite season of most; whether this love is caused by great weather, vacation or mini skirts, one thing’s for sure: nobody wants to have a summer spoiled. A lousy summer alimentation is a top candidate at ruining your summer and also your health. Here are just a few things you should look for and look out in this wonderful season.

    The DOs

    Natural liquids

    The first thing which summer requires from you is drinking more liquids than you would do in the rest of the year. This is caused by the heat which causes dehydration. Having enough fluids means you can work at full capacity and find pleasure in almost everything you do. In general, you should drink at least 2-3 l of liquids, but not everything works so you should really be careful what you drink. Here’s where this liquid could come from:

  • Natural juices;
    summer is the natural time for many fruits (cherries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, oranges, bananas, etc), and this juice not only is great for hydration, but it’s also very healthy, containing numerous vitamins your body needs to feel good. It’s the healthiest thing you can drink and the biggest step you can make towards a better summer and a better health.
  • Fruits;

    if you can’t or won’t make juices, there’s still something you can do, just as good: eat fruits. They also contain the same liquids and vitamins and just as the juices are, they’re really tasty. What you should do is resist the temptation of eating them really cold. It may seem good, but what you’re really doing is applying big termic variations to your body, which is not helping you at all.
  • Tea;
    it’s a miracle maker since the dawn of manking. Every civilisation used it, and for good reason. Mint and green tea could be helpful as they have a soothing action, but any tea is good. Also, especially in extreme heat, people used to drink warm black tea, because it prevented sweating, thus the body remained hydrated for a longer period of time.
  • Water; tap water is great when you don’t have any of the above, but it’s recommended that you have a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Just be careful where you put it (especially in the car) as it could get really hot.
  • Light food

    Now more than ever is the right time to think about what you eat; you have quite a lot of alternatives and it’s time to give up the barbeques and stakes, and instead go for salads and other lighter food, especially because your appetite is mostly lower in the summer. Here’s what you could eat:

  • Vegetable salads;
    if you’re thinking they’re not tasty, now more than ever is the time to change your mind. Tomatoes, salad, cucumbers, potatoes, everything is at its best now; and you don’t have to use just veggies, actually it’s great to add something else. Some olive oil (no pun intented), pepper, cheese (any kind), they all do wonders both for the taste and the nutritional qualities.
  • Cakes;
    especially fruit cakes are a must in this time of the year. We all want something sweet once in a while, and this is the best way to suit our needs. Also, learning how to do this will almost definitely be a skill that will help you further along
  • The DONT’s

    Now that we took a look at the good things, let’s browse the “enemies”, which can really ruin what could be a fantastic summer, and could have a big impact on your health and mood too.

  • Alcohol; perhaps the biggest enemy of summer, alcohol can have a series of detrimental effects on you; and since summer is all about partying, alcohol is often in the center of attention, and people tend to forget the dark side of the coin. First of all, it was made by a process of boiling (or something similar), which makes it penetrant and makes it “dry out” your inside, without you even feeling it. Also, we tend to be less resistant to its effects in the summer, especially because dehydration.
  • Cigarettes; quitting smoking is not really as hard as you’d imagine. Every moment is a good time to start quitting (because it’s recommended that the quitting process is not done at once, but in steps), but summer could give you the mental boost your need. Ever felt that you just can’t get enough air because of all the heat?? Cigarettes amplify all that, because one of their first effects is to reduce lung efficiency and your ability to make effort and resist in harsh conditions.
  • Stakes and other “heavy” foods (fast food included); do I really need to say anything else here ?? Eating pork, sausages, stakes, and any other such food is virtually a mood killer, making you feel tired and sweaty. They’re really bad for your health too, as I’m sure you already know.

  • Credits for this great pic

    So after we draw the line, it’s obvious that what we’re supposed to be eating and what we are eating are definitely not the same thing; as a matter a fact in most cases they’re not even in the same league. What you need to understand is that you have to keep a balance, meaning that even if you can’t eat all healthy all the time you really should at least avoid succumbing to unhealthy foods, as it the one you are doing harm to is yourself. So without further ado, go and have the best summer you can possibly have, you’ve probably earned it.