Is reading really for dorks?

I read your book
And I find it strange
That I know that girl and I know her world
A little too well~Sheryl Crow – The book~

When we started writing this blog, for the first article we had only two comments – one of them stated that reading is for dorks and after reading the article Andrei has written, I’ve got to a point when I must ask myself and I must ask you – is reading really for dorks?

I think that now is the moment to try another type of article – educational, of course, but in other ways. If until now we gave some tricks to improve your life, how about some ideas to clear your thoughts? I don’t say you have to agree, but I’d like to know your opinions on different subjects.


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You already know the first thing I’ll talk about and probably you infer my opinion – for my reading is a part of my life and I’m not taken for a dork – so I sympathize with the idea that reading is misjudged. You assume that if a person enjoys reading you don’t want to be around him/her – the person must be one of the society’s rejects. But from where such a (false) assumption? Well, I think all of us have in mind the picture of a complete geek – very unpopular, teacher’s favorite student, always with a book in his/her hand. That’s why the books have a bad reputation – they are associated with an unfavorable image.

Another preconceived idea is that school sucks. And I agree that waking up in the morning. the school building and some teachers really suck, but that’s not the object of school. If you can ignore all the elements and think only to education – the purpose of school – school’s not a place too bad. Try to be a bit honest; if you hadn’t heard before that school sucks, you’d think this way about the place where you’ve met all your friends and you had contact for the first time with thinking? And the system isn’t perfect but be open-minded and take into consideration the advantages too.


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So free your mind! Ready? Ok. But reading, as so many activities – computers, baseball, ballet, chess or climbing – isn’t for everybody. You should give it a chance and try several types of literature because you have a large number of genres from where to choose, but if you feel you can’t concentrate and you hate it, then yes, probably reading isn’t for you. But also keep in mind that interesting and beautiful things aren’t easy to obtain – with a little bit of practice and with the right book you won’t recognize yourself (if you read blogs and you’ve read until here I’m sure of your reading potential).


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To end this praise for books ( I’m such a geek, ain’t I?) here are some good reasons for which reading is a great hobby:

  • You find out lots of stuff you could talk about later
  • You improve your vocabulary and your communication skills
  • One of the best ways to relax
  • Books are one of the rare things that combine pleasure with utility
  • Maximize your time when traveling
  • You could yous books as soporific – just be sure it’s a right book
  • Escaping from reality into a better world

If you find some more reasons or if you don’t agree, please express yourselves. Also tell me if you like this kind of articles. And don’t forget to improve your life, live the moment, enjoy the reading!

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