Allow me!-giving first aid

“Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help.” ~The  Beatles~ News broadcasts are filled with information about people who collapse on the street and nobody helps them, which puts their life in jeopardy. It’s easy to blame everything on others’ indifference, but in reality many don’t actually know [...]

Learn the vitamin ABC!

Give me the food, I said give me the food Give me no fruit if you love me Give me the food, I said give me the food Give me no fruit if you love me ~Miss Platnum~ Everyone knows a little something about vitamins. Vitamin A is good for your eyes and can be [...]

One day to defeat your negative feelings

The world seems not the same, Though I know nothing has changed. It’s all my state of mind, I can’t leave it all behind. Have to stand up to be stronger. ~Within Temptation~ You don’t want to see anyone and you would rather be left alone. Your head spins and a million thoughts storm inside [...]

How to become a remarkable objective critical thinker, part 1, the why the what and the how

Due to the fact that modern life takes us so fast through so many different situations, it’s hard to even fully understand what’s even happening, let alone take into consideration all the information and sort it out to get to the right conclusion. Still, despite what you may think and despite it’s obvious utility, logic [...]

How to become a remarkable objective critical thinker, part 2, the why

As I said in the prologue of this series, using your analytic critical abilities is very important for a man, no matter what he does and how he thinks; it’s something required by more than our society, it’s something required by our inner nature. But some people might find it hard to believe that, so [...]

How to become a remarkable objective critical thinker, part 3, the characteristics

Here’s the bad side; nobody can make you a critical thinker. There’s nobody else that can do it for you, you have to learn how to do it and do it. It’s as easy as that. Still, there are some guidelines that are very useful to an ascending analytic mind. First of all, here are [...]

How to become a remarkable objective critical thinker, part 4, starting and improving

Now that you know why you should why it’s important to think clearly and what a critical thinker shows, it’s important to know how you can start to develop this ability and how you can improve it. No subtle and crowning exercises here, just some basic tips to get you started. Credits: “A man is [...]

The DO’s and DON’Ts of summer alimentation

First of all, this goes out mostly to people who live in places with 4 seasons, but also to those who live in very a warm climate. The Russian summer, for example, is very different from the Australian summer. These may seem as no brainers (I have to admit, most of them seem so to [...]

The blue pill or the red pill? – how to handle hospital life

Now will you ever rest your head? You end up feeling mostly dead, Pretending you’re the last one, Hiding with your eyes shut tightly, all the way to the hospital. ~The used~ I’ve recently found myself in the very unpleasant situation of spending quite some time in a hospital bed. As most of you must [...]

Insomnia? just a bad dream!

I’m wide awake in my kitchen It’s dark and I’m lonely Oh, if I could only get some sleep Creeky noises make my skin creep I need to get some sleep I can’t get no sleep…. ~Faithless~ Tired of staring at the ceiling for endless hours night after night? Frustrated because others can sleep without [...]

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