3 ways to experience art therapy

This is all so beautiful
But how much of this will really be
Enough to keep me on my feet
~Rachael Lampa – The Art~

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art materials, combining traditional psychotherapeutic theories and techniques with a subtler, more modern way of getting rid of your psychological and even physical problems. Also it’s a favorite of more and more people because you can do it at home, with your friends or family or alone, it’s fun and you train certain skills. It’s especially good for teenagers, people in their 40s, junkies and really stressed out people, but it has shown incredible results for just about everybody who tried it.

  • Painting
  • painting

    Image by Petra
    The point of it is not directly to paint, but rather to know yourself better and to understand your most inner feelings, in a liberating and fun gesture. It doesn’t matter if you can’t paint or never painted at all, the only important thing is to be yourself and to try to express what you feel through lines, shapes and colours. You don’t need words to express yourself, and this is a great example. After you’ve finished a painting, take a look at it and say out loud what you think it means; then take a small break and think if it actually means that in your case. Also a great idea would be to get some friends to do the same things, than exchange opinions, because it’s hard to be objective about yourself.

  • Dancing
  • dancing

    Image by Ollie_girl

    Whether you dance alone or with somebody else, this is a great activity. Do it at home or at a disco or club. Try to improvise some salsa steps or just rock out hard, do the tango or just run around the house, but have fun! Try to use your own body movements to express yourself in a direct way. After that, try to analyze yourself a bit; why is it that whenever you dance, you feel as if you float and rise above your mundane day to day problems? What makes it so special? It’s different for everybody. Just find your own answer to that, and you’re home free. Also, it’s great exercise, helping you lose those extra pounds and stay fit. Just try it, age is not a factor here!

  • Music 
  • music

    Image by ickypoo
    No other form of art has had such a huge influence on humanity; music is undoubtely the queen of arts, a favorite for most in what concerns relaxation and even art therapy. You don’t have to have studies to listen to music or sing. You don’t even have to have talent. What’s important is that you shoud listen to the music and try to relate to the song. Who hasn’t been touched at some point in his/her life by the music or lyrics of a song? Listen to music or sing; use your voice or an instrument. There is no other better way of increasing your creativity, relaxing, releasing stress, learning something and having fun at the same time. Try to use music that relates to what you feel at the time.

    Nobody wants to go to therapy, it’s always the last resort. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way! Art therapy is an easy, do-it-yourself way of relaxing, getting rid of the stress and having fun! It’s also very inspirational and it can (and probably will) help you make the most of yourself by increasing your long term productivity.

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