Damn, I forgot it!

Less than a week ago I was packing my bags when it occurred to me that I hear really often “Oh, I forgot to put it in my bag”, where it can be toothbrush, favorite sweater, documents, head. So here are some steps you can follow to reduce the risk to let something behind:


First of all, think at the purpose you’re packing – pleasure or businessJ. It’s better to put first the things you need most, the object of the trip. This would be the first step.

Then the money and the papers you need –IDs and others, if you need. It’s good to have 2-3 pens and some unwritten paper too.

The third step is to put the technology – battery and phone chargers, notebook, mp3-player, i-pod or what you think you’ll need.

Very important are the hygiene products – toothbrush, toothpaste, towel(s), shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, deodorant. If you think you’d need it, now’s the moment to add some drugs(medicines).

Then you just have to put your clothes too and it’s all ready. Put some comfortable old shoes, the new ones are usually uncomfortable. I recommend to have 2 bags, one with important and valorous things that you’ll probably use until you’ll get to the destination and another with … everything else.

Bon voyage!

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