Stuck together- how to get along with your roomate

So happy together
How is the weather
So happy together
We’re happy together
~The Turtles~

A roommate can be two things: your best friend or your worst enemy. When things go bad it’s quite easy to blame everything on him or her and their behavior. But could it be that simple?
Following a few simple rules will ensure you a good relationship with the person you are living with even if you will not become best friends.
1. Try to get in touch with your roommate before school begins even if you don’t know him or her and try to decide together what each of you should bring. It might be hard but try to adapt to your roommate’s wishes and decisions as much as you can.
2. Remember the fact that appearance might deceive you so try not to jump to a decision as soon as you see him or her!
3. Decide together about the way you would like your room to be like and try to reach an agreement about it which will be satisfying for both of you. Continue reading