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3 easy ways to make boring activities fun or useful

Thu, Apr 3, 2008


‘Cause we were never being boring We had too much time to find for ourselves And we were never being boring We dressed up and fought, then thought: “Make amends” Pet Shop Boys ~Being Boring~ In life, you do things you don’t want to; things you may find useless, unpleasant, or just boring. You may also waste a lot [...]

5 tricks to avoid a couple fight

Thu, Mar 13, 2008


I’ll admit I’m wrong if you’d tell me I’m so sick of fights I hate them Lets start this again for real Blink 182 ~ Always ~ Photo by fantasticks Well we’ve all had our share of couple fights, for various reasons; some end peacefully, but in most cases the outcome is not good at [...]

Five spiritual day-to-day secrets of health

Sat, Mar 1, 2008


There are still many things we don’t know about our bodies, so in some cases it’s hard to say what makes us healthy or unhealthy. Still, it’s obvious that despite a good diet, and exercising and that kind of things, there are other factors which have to be taken into consideration. In fact, recent studies [...]

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