Offering presents


“And I stole you that ring
‘Cause I wanted you to have it
And it wasn’t about me, I just wanted you to have it”
~Bloc Party~

It doesn’t seem so difficult to offer o present to someone, it may even seem like it’s a piece of cake. Even though, if you want to see the person you are giving the present to smiling there are some simple rules to follow.

  • Someone who brings something even some flowers will create a much better image of himself than someone who comes empty-handed every time.
  • Small presents are an important aspect of a friendship as long as they are given from the heart and without a hidden interest.
  • To give e present to the teacher when your child has serious problems with that class is not a sign of politeness but even the opposite.
  • Don’t offer present to a wealthier acquaintance who has come from abroad. It will make him or her problems about what to buy for you.
  • You don’t need a special occasion to give presents to close friends, family members or to the person you have a relationship with. Small gifts are a sign of affection. Still, don’t buy expensive gifts in order not to make them feel embarrassed
  • Don’t give presents to children very often because they will become very spoiled and will create embarrassing situations especially when having guests.
  • Once you’ve found out what one of your friends wants, it is better to buy it then and to put it somewhere where it can’t be found. This way you will be able to avoid the Christmas shopping frenzy
  • If you are not well-informed don’t buy stamps for a collector, fishing accessories for a fisherman because there are specialized stores for these products and you may not know what to buy.
  • Do not offer things you have in your house but you don’t like. If these things are valuable give them to close friends or relatives but without saying something like” How could you like that? It’s horrible!”
  • Don’t annoy the person you are giving the present to by asking again and again whether he or she likes it or not.
  • Do not give books you haven’t read or that you don’t know whether they are good or not.
    Never give money to anyone because it’s not polite at all. It is better to give something you have chosen and that will please that person.
  • A well-wrapped present worth twice as much. Always have in your house colored paper and ribbons. Also, be creative when wrapping the gift!
  • Try to give the presents on the right date not late or sooner in order to please the person you are giving it to.
  • And maybe the most important aspect is to really want to give that present to that person and to try to choose the right one.

  • Setting up a healthy morning routine for yourself

    morning routine

    Out of the dark and into the light
    When the morning comes
    I will be alright

    If your morning is great, you have a very good chance your whole day is gonna be great. You can enter that (rare) state when almost nothing can upset you, and you just feel great, and you can get a health boost too. Every morning can be just great, if you just set up some easy non time consuming goals for yourself. These have to be done regularly, but make sure they don’t become a drag! They shouldn’t, but if you have a strange schedule, the effect may not be the same. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t fall into the trap of monotony; when you feel it’s setting in, just do things a bit differently.These things are not hard to do, just something you can do with a minimum of time and effort. As strange as it would sound, if you want to have a good morning, you have to start things at night. Don’t eat (especially fat foods) for 3-4 hours before you sleeping time; and try to go to bet at a decent hour, so you can get enough sleep for the next day. Now, when you get up, the first thing you should do is wash your teeth and face. Make this become almost a reflex, something you do without thinking.

    Then, if you have the time (even 10 minutes would do), try to exercise. Drink some water, and then go for a little run, do some push ups, yoga, or just meditate. Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise, so reading something would be a very good idea. Swimming is also a great thing to do, but not something which is very easy for everybody. After that you definetly need to have breakfast; keep in mind that it’s the most important meal of the day.

    After you’ve eaten, take a shower and by the time you’ve finished it you should feel very refreshed. Bagging your lunch before going to work or school is a good idea, because it saves you time, money, and it’s healthier than eating at a restaurant or fast food. Now those things are definetly not too hard to do, it’s just up to you to make it happen. Do something good for yourself!

    Get the party started!


    We all like parties and maybe the most unforgettable moments are from a party. This is when we allow ourselves to act however we want to and to have the best time ever. A party can also improve one’s social life, but for that it has to be a great party.
    It’s been said that the best parties aren’t the planned ones but still many details should be handled before the party so that everything will work perfectly…or at least very well.
    Before starting it’s better to take a few friends with you so that everything will work faster. It is also better to put money together for the party because it’s quite hard to pay everything on your own. Assure that your friends will also help you with the cleaning later if necessary because you don’t want to find yourself alone and surrounded by a terrible mess.
    Maybe the most important issue to solve is the location. Once you’ve found it, you can consider half of your problems solved. So it’s better to ask your friends about a solution if you can’t organize the party at your place. There should be enough room for all your guests and a large room where they could dance and for other activities. It doesn’t have to be a palace, it just has to offer you the facilities you need.
    Then, it’s all about planning and making lists. Decide what to buy, what should everyone bring, and who is in charge of the sound system if necessary. Make the guests list so that you won’t have surprises. Try to avoid trouble-makers so that everyone will have a good time.
    It is better to buy most of the things you need a day before the party. Use your list in order not to forget something because it can be quite frustrating to discover that at home. Shop from a supermarket. There are many more products to choose from and better prices. If you don’t have a car, ask a friend to help you. Buy some cleaning products too.
    When you have everything you need it is time to arrange everything. Decorate and put the snacks and the drinks in a easy to reach place. Take away all the valuable and fragile things before the party because you can never know. Assure that the place is clean before the party so that the guests will have a good impression.
    When the time has come for the guests to come assure that they feel welcome and try to be the best host they’ve seen. Be yourself, it is not necessary to exaggerate. After all, it’s just a party! Try to have more kinds of music so that everyone will be pleased If you have any unusual ideas about a party don’t be afraid to try them…as long as they are not out of normality… When everyone has arrived it’s up to you to have the best party ever!
    You certainly don’t need more advice about what to do next…so have fun and remember that her will be a lot more to come!
    These are just the basic things you need to know in order to organize a party. I will come back later with some ideas about the music an the games you might play. Until then, have fun!

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